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  1. Event – Transparency & Transition in Market Data – June 10th

    Written by Nathan Hyatt | May 13, 2021

    A Substantive Research Digital Event

    Heads of Market Data at asset managers around the world are battle-weary. A perceived lack of viable alternatives in key parts of the market leads them to possess limited leverage within negotiations with suppliers as their costs increase, and they lament the opacity in provider agreements that become harder to navigate every year.

    The buyside also took a sharp intake of breath when it saw the news about S&Pā€™s potential acquisition of IHS Markit. Why? Because, according to many, further concentration of the market could present new budgeting challenges and even less bargaining power.

    But there are indications of change ā€“ regulatory consultations, progress in budget diversification and new entrants into the market all point to a different future. Asset managers have seen many false dawns before, but many are hopeful that conditions will improve. For this to happen, as in any procurement dynamic, plausible alternatives need to hit important tipping points, consumers need to develop a long-term outlook to their sourcing needs, and regulatory intervention may be needed to ensure the benefits of competition can be felt once again.

    Over 600 buy and sellside professionals joined us online in October 2020 to debate the key implications of MiFID II for the European and US research markets. We are now delighted to be able to bring the focus to Market Data ā€“ a more mature market but one that faces even greater challenges for asset managers.

    On June 10th three panels will explore control and fee transparency challenges, the regulatory backdrop and progress in various market consultations, and developments in supply including M&A and new market entrants.

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