Market Data Spend Analytics

Industry first apples-to-apples market data price benchmarks for market data procurement professionals across index providers, rating agencies, pricing and reference data, research/analytics and ESG


Price benchmarks that isolate pricing drivers by market segment, product and provider matched to specific client use cases.

Transparency across market data spend to optimize decision making and budgets.


The approach breaks down data providers’ products and services into constituent subcategories and pricing drivers – this ensures that every benchmark speaks to each client’s particular use case per product, per provider.

Niche Pricing Drivers

Many providers have pricing drivers specific only to them, which are applied across their entire client base.

Bottom Up Approach

The benchmarks are then reconstructed from units so that they match the client’s use case with each particular provider. This takes into account: users, number of licenses, AuM, customization, etc.

Apples-to-Apples Benchmarks

These factors are applied to the methodology in order to ensure apples to apples comparison that reflect the reality of the providers’ negotiation behavior.


Clients can understand how the resourcing and allocation of their data budgets compares to those of their peers by:

Identifying Efficiencies

Key internal best practice messages from the data.

Market Share

Identify which providers are gaining traction, and which types of data are attracting greater investment.

Price Movement

Which providers are changing business and pricing models.


Growth in overall budget as well as in each specific segment.
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Transparency matters

Pricing is not consistent in this market: even accounting for specific “apples-to-apples” use cases, the range of inconsistencies applied to pricing post-negotiation is between 10% and 50%. Transparency matters!

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