London, 8 March 2024: Substantive Research Celebrates Czarina Reinante’s Award-Winning Achievement on International Women’s Day.

Substantive Research is thrilled to celebrate International Women’s Day by spotlighting our esteemed Head of Market Data and ESG Analytics, Czarina Reinante. Czarina has been instrumental in steering our analysis on market data pricing and supply, significantly impacting both our clients and the broader market landscape.

In a recent conversation with ESG Insight, Czarina shared her thoughts on the evolving trends within the ESG data and research markets, highlighting a shift towards more granular data scrutiny and analysis by the buy side. She discussed the increasing demand for underlying data access and the creation of bespoke metrics, suggesting a move beyond singular ESG ratings to more nuanced evaluations. Read the full discussion here: A-Team Insight Blog: Survey Highlights Wide Price Differences for Comparable Data.

Adding to the celebrations, we are immensely proud to announce that Czarina has been honoured with the prestigious Waters Technology ‘Women in Technology and Data Award 2024’ for Services to the Industry. This accolade is a testament to her pivotal contributions and unwavering dedication, which have been crucial to the invaluable services we provide to our Market Data and ESG clients.

This year’s Women in Technology & Data Awards saw an unprecedented number of high-calibre nominations, making Czarina’s win all the more commendable. WatersTechnology, which organises seven global awards, has recognised the growing significance of this particular award, making it their only in-person ceremony due to its increasing popularity.

The event not only honours Czarina’s outstanding contributions to Substantive Research and the Market Data community as a whole but also serves as an excellent opportunity for our team to show their support and admiration for her work.

Please join us in congratulating Czarina on her well-deserved award and her influential role in advancing the field of market data and ESG analytics.

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