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  1. Substantive Research publishes buy-side reaction to SEC MiFID II No-Action Letter Expiry

    Latest asset management survey examines attitudes to impending structural market changes that put over $100m of annual research payments at risk – Views are split on whether brokers becoming Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) solves research payment challenges, while Research Payment Accounts (RPAs) for the buy side are not considered a desirable option. Either way, they […]

  2. Measuring Biodiversity: How Close Are We To Capturing Real-time Data on Ecosystems?

    ShareAction’s survey of asset managers in 2020 indicated that no asset manager had a stand-alone, dedicated policy to cover biodiversity risks within their portfolios. Undeniably, asset managers need accurate data to integrate biodiversity-related metrics throughout their investment process but the lack of standardisation in the data collection and methodologies is a challenge. As a proxy, […]

  3. Back To Basics With ESG Reporting: Who Are The Providers That Can Help?

    The credibility of ESG investing is now being put into question after well-known zero-emission cars manufacturer Tesla failed to get included in the S&P 500 ESG index last month. In addition to this, several companies are now also being investigated by regulators for serious greenwashing allegations. Now that regulators are putting the industry under a […]

  4. Substantive Research study reveals deep inconsistencies in Market Data pricing

    Industry-first Market Data Spend Analytics Service launched to shine a light into this opaque market  London, 29 June 2022: Substantive Research, the research discovery and research spend analytics provider for the buy-side, today published headline conclusions on the current state of the Market Data pricing market, based on insights generated by its new Market Data […]

  5. 5 Key Takeaways from Unbundling Uncovered USA

    The following is a collection of perspectives from our wonderful speakers at our New York conference on June 15th. Thank you so much to those who gave their time and insight into the future of research and data. As a collation of different comments there may be contradictions below, but that’s what makes it such […]

  6. The Green Revolution: Is ESG Data The Answer To Managing The Energy Crisis?

    The energy sector currently generates around three-quarters of the global GHG emissions. Clearly, an overhaul of the sector will have a large impact on climate change. The struggle however, comes two-fold. Firstly, how should nations and firms structure their energy strategies to minimise long term energy costs and supply risks? Secondly, how should this strategy […]

  7. Substantive Research ESG Dashboard Wins Waters Technology Award for “ESG Data Initiative of the Year”

    London, 18 May 2022: We are excited to announce that our ESG Dashboard has won “ESG Data Initiative of the Year 2022” at the Waters Technology Inside Market Data Award, 2022. As the importance of ESG continues to grow amongst the investment community, the ESG research and data products marketplace is evolving extremely rapidly, with […]

  8. Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting: How Can Data Bridge The Gap

    Starting this month, UK-registered companies are required to disclose climate-related financial information on a mandatory basis, using guidelines from the TCFD. The SEC also announced that it is going ahead with plans to require US public companies to include climate-related disclosures in their financial statement reports. As companies rush to gather as much information on […]

  9. Geopolitical Turmoil Proves the MiFID II doomsayers right

    Competition for the provision of investment research decreases due to MiFID II: bulge-bracket providers reassert dominance  London, 14 April 2022: Substantive Research, the research discovery and research spend analytics provider for the buy-side, today published findings of its latest asset management survey identifying recent research pricing trends and expectation for research spend in 2022. They […]

  10. Russia’s Invasion Of Ukraine Reframes ESG

    How can differentiated ESG data help asset managers navigate the crisis? As the great Russia divestment continues, asset managers cannot rely on ESG ratings alone to guide their response, and niche ESG data providers can become a core tool to navigate a challenging 2022. Substantive Research has developed an industry-first TripAdvisor-like screener for ESG data […]