October 19, 2022

Investment Screening: A Case Study on Green Energy Stocks vs Transition Stocks’ Market Performance

The energy sector constantly seems to be in the spotlight in recent months. The renewable energy vs fossil fuels debate has only gotten louder in recent years as a result of government policies promising to meet climate targets and the rising cost of fuel in the market. With the continuing effects of the conflict in Russia and Ukraine, countries are being forced to reconsider their energy supplies, increasing the volatility of the market. As winter approaches as well, the demand for energy will only increase.

From an investor standpoint, how are asset managers choosing stocks from the energy market? Does screening for positive and negative criteria actually help in building high-return portfolios?

In this month’s issue of our ESG newsletter, we discuss investment screening – an approach being used by asset managers and asset owners to build their ESG funds.

Read the full report below to discover how Substantive Research is helping investment managers find the right data providers to screen their portfolios.

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