September 16, 2022

Beyond ESG: Impact Investing

What Are The Hurdles In Capturing Comparable Data?

In 2018, GIIN estimated that about $502 billion were invested in impact assets. This reached $715 billion in 2020, increasing by 42% in a span of 2 years. As investor interest in the impact market grows, asset managers would need to consider the obstacles they would face in creating their investment strategies. As with most ESG-related topics, the biggest problem is data.

In Substantive Research’s database of more than 160+ providers, 25% have impact metrics to measure social and environmental data. However, their methodologies are vastly different, further widening the comparability gap of impact data.

In our latest newsletter, we investigate how impact investing differs from ESG investing. We compare their definitions according to regulatory bodies as well as present a study that compares their financial performance through risk-adjusted returns.

Read the full report below to discover how Substantive Research is helping investors discover niche impact data providers through our award-winning ESG dashboard.

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