About Us

At Substantive our tagline is “Source Quality, Save Money” – we ensure that portfolio managers don’t miss the best research, and provide data-driven insight into how research providers compare. We don’t broke research or charge providers.

Three problems we want to solve:

– Portfolio managers often miss the best research for their personal needs and preferences.
– New regulations mean that asset managers need to show why their existing providers justify the investment.
– With budget scrutiny understanding alternatives that are better or cheaper is now more important.

That’s what our services provide – the highest quality research delivered to you weekly from both existing and new providers, data and insight into where your existing providers outperform, and a rich universe of banks and independent analysts to source from when needed.


  1.  A model-driven approach that highlights the best research for you. Relevance is not excellence – our model captures both.
  2. Understand that a portfolio manager’s individual preferences for style and process are key to getting them the right work.
  3. Compare what you are using and what you aren’t. What are PMs missing out on? Where are you overpaying? Where are you completely justified?
  4. Increase your awareness of the breadth and comparative strength of research providers available, so if you need new work quickly we can match you to the right names or publications.

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