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  1. Saturday, May 22nd

    How long does something have to hang around to stop being transient? That is the big question when it comes to the Fed, inflation and global asset markets. In today’s Macro Briefing 4X Global Research explains why it thinks the market has it right in dismissing short-term inflation concerns, arguing why the Fed will not […]

  2. Saturday, April 24th

    In this week’s Macro Briefing we focus on the increasing rush to launch central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). As RenMac explains not only are central banks stepping up so as not to open a void that could be filled by private issuers, it is also important for countries not to be outflanked in an e-currency […]

  3. Friday, March 26

    Bond yields are on the rise and they aren’t going to stop until the Fed has finished tightening. That is the view of Trahan Macro Research which in this week’s Macro Briefing sets out why Fed tightening is a matter of when and not if and why short duration stocks are going to benefit in […]

  4. Friday, March 12

    The big question for investors is whether rising yields are a warning sign that reflation could turn into inflation that has the potential to prompt tightening that could cut off the recovery; or just another step along the road towards that recovery. To that end, in today’s Macro Briefing, TS Lombard explains what it takes […]

  5. Wednesday, Feb 16

    Some of the big beasts of the economic world have been questioning the extent of the output gap and the likely implications of massive fiscal stimulus on inflation – you can view the debate between Larry Summers and Paul Krugman here.  In today’s Macro Briefing, we take a closer look, with Unicredit explaining why it […]

  6. Wednesday, Feb 10

    We had the trade wars, then the tech wars (still ongoing of course), and the next cab off the rank is the climate wars. That’s according to the latest report from Bank of America’s thematic investing research team. They have highlighted in a 70-page report that climate change is about more than saving the planet, […]

  7. Tuesday, Feb 2

    Last week’s events with retail equity traders, Reddit forums and short squeezes closed off a January we are unlikely to forget very soon, particularly as far as the US is concerned. However, this final verse of the January chapter had much more serious market consequences for markets than earlier events (It is hard to believe […]

  8. Wednesday, Jan 20

    It’s not what you do; it’s the way that you do it. Apparently that is what gets results. In today’s Macro Briefing, MI2 Partners explains why a number of warning lights in a few select markets could potentially turn a benign – and profitable – rotation into growth into a nasty volatility event. Meanwhile 4X […]

  9. Wednesday, Jan 13, 2016

    It is the nature of things that investors have to be ready to seize the opportunity while preparing for the worst. And in the current polarized investment landscape that has never been more the case. In today’s briefing, MI2 Partners explain how easy it could be for the Federal Reserve to spark market turmoil and […]

  10. Thursday, Jan 7

    In the shadow of perhaps the most disturbing transitions of power in US history, the adults appear finally to have entered the room. And that means investors are bracing for stimulus and fiscal loosening that has seen Treasury yields break higher through key resistance levels. But how excited should investors get about entering the sunlit […]