The UK and NAFTA

 Jamie Davis from OM Research has put together some analysis following yesterday’s news that the UK could seek to join NAFTA if they cannot strike a deal with the EU on Brexit. DAvis writes that joining NAFTA would be a hell of an upheaval for the UK, in terms of regulations etc, but it is plausible and would push the centre of UK’s politics towards the right, permanently. This could be a rallying issue for almost all Conservatives to get behind, he says. In fact, it’s the UK’s last card in the Brexit negotiations, according to the OM report. They have tried ”let’s do a deal,” then ”we will pay for a deal,” now if ”you don’t do a deal we will become a state of the US inside Europe.” Can you imagine how much France and Germany would like that? OM ask. Davis and his team have already written several reports this year on how Brexit could forge new international alliances/divisions, these are available for purchase on AlphaExchange. Make no mistake, says Davis, this is a potential geopolitical pivot point with consequences for generations. Click below to contact OM Research directly about any of these reports.