Growth is from Mars, Value is from Venus

For those who didn’t read Nick Colas and Jessica Rabe when they published the Convergex Morning Briefing, then we would recommend their latest reincarnation from DataTrek, a research firm they founded together in the fall of last year. They’re always topical, relevant and on top of most of the emerging trends in markets. Perhaps just as importantly, the daily briefing is well written and entertaining. In their Monday briefing, they take a look at the ”Value versus Growth” argument. They ask: Will value investing make a comeback in 2018 after a lackluster 12 months of underperformance in US equities? Colas and Rabe reckon that it depends. Are we talking about large caps, or small? And how do you feel about FANG stocks? In short, growth vs. value isn’t just about “Style” any more, they write. It’s about sector and single name concentrations, which they break down in detail in this report to reveal some telling evidence of the imbalances across names included in thes eindexes. Either choice involves some very big bets just now, the report says. Indeed, it may be time to throw the value-growth debate in the trash heap of market history, argue Colas and Rabe. The report shows that both approaches lead to portfolios that dramatically overweight some sectors and leave other notable ones with dangerous underweights versus a style-neutral approach. That pushes portfolio managers into taking unnecessary risk just to stay in their “style box” without any observable benefit to asset owners, they conclude.