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  1. Tuesday, Feb 2

    Last week’s events with retail equity traders, Reddit forums and short squeezes closed off a January we are unlikely to forget very soon, particularly as far as the US is concerned. However, this final verse of the January chapter had much more serious market consequences for markets than earlier events (It is hard to believe […]

  2. Wednesday, Jan 20

    It’s not what you do; it’s the way that you do it. Apparently that is what gets results. In today’s Macro Briefing, MI2 Partners explains why a number of warning lights in a few select markets could potentially turn a benign – and profitable – rotation into growth into a nasty volatility event. Meanwhile 4X […]

  3. Wednesday, Jan 13, 2016

    It is the nature of things that investors have to be ready to seize the opportunity while preparing for the worst. And in the current polarized investment landscape that has never been more the case. In today’s briefing, MI2 Partners explain how easy it could be for the Federal Reserve to spark market turmoil and […]

  4. Thursday, Jan 7

    In the shadow of perhaps the most disturbing transitions of power in US history, the adults appear finally to have entered the room. And that means investors are bracing for stimulus and fiscal loosening that has seen Treasury yields break higher through key resistance levels. But how excited should investors get about entering the sunlit […]

  5. Wednesday, Jan 6

    After the distraction of Trump’s persistent attempts to avoid defenestration from the White House, likely Democrat victories in the Georgia Senate run-offs mean the ”Blue Wave” is finally going to arrive in Washington DC. In today’s briefing Capital Alpha takes an in-depth look into what investors can expect from the incoming Biden administration now it […]

  6. Tuesday, Jan 5

    What could possibly go wrong? That is the question any sensible investor should be asking as the New Year kicks off. It is especially true after the year we have just had and the fact that the overwhelming majority seem to be predicting the world is set to recover as though nothing much has happened. […]

  7. The battle for the dignity of real money

    Gold bugs and cryptocurrency evangelists could argue all day about what makes money, well, money, but for now most investors are going with fiat currency. In today’s Macro Briefing, Exante Data highlights what makes a good one and sets out the madness of just relying on one. Of course, one thing is for certain: inflation […]

  8. Wednesday, Dec 16

    Compared to most autocratic leaders, President Trump hardly fits the mould, but he did teach a valuable lesson to other would be dictators by failing to respond to his citizens’ needs and losing an election he could have easily won. That is the view of Inferential Focus, which in today’s Macro Briefing, explains why the […]

  9. Tuesday, Dec 15

    What happens when the prevailing myth of an infinite zero rate time horizon meets a company with a good story to tell? Infinite risk tolerance. In today’s Briefing, Epsilon Theory explains why Tesla is the poster boy for this new phenomenon and why, for the time being at least, no valuation is too extreme for […]

  10. Thursday, Dec 10

    In recent years we’ve had the climate deniers, and then more recently the Covid deniers. In our world of macroeconomics and investing we’ve had our own set of deniers; the inflation deniers. To be fair, this crowd – and they’re a big crowd – have had the data on their side, and the inflationists have […]