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  1. Substantive Research

    Client Fairness – the dealbreaker for RPAs?

    In our consultations with over 50 buyside firms since May this year it is clear that the stigma associated with continuing to charge end investors for research is dissipating. Both the AMF and the FCA consultation papers legitimised the use of CSAs. Whilst the FCA have added new controls and procedures it is clear that […]

  2. Substantive Research

    How Unbundling is Changing the Research Business (video)

    In association with WeConvene, we explore how unbundling regulations are changing the research business.

  3. Credit and macro research amid regulatory change (video)

    How will research unbundling impacting credit markets and research coverage Substantive Research interviews leading executive from credit research firm, CreditSights on how research unbundling will impact the business of credit research.

  4. Unbundling Uncovered – Key takeaways from our recent event

    A big thank you to sponsors, speakers and over 200 of you who joined us at Unbundling Uncovered! Our key takeaways..

  5. Euro IRP sets up directory for research providers

    The European Association of Independent Research Providers (Euro IRP) has established a searchable directory for independent research providers to help investment firms locate a wide array of independent research providers while also helping research firms reach a potentially wider audience for their services. The directory allows investors to search for providers based on sector or geographic […]

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    Unbundling research – the transition

    Unbundling: What is the transition to the new world in investment research going to look like? When the delegated acts are finalised and the research world knows what it can and can’t do, what then?