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  1. Join us in New York at Unbundling Uncovered USA

    Defining Best Practice in Research Procurement The investment research industry has undergone a revolution in Europe. Many changes have been good for market efficiency but asset managers also point to negative consequences for the end investor and the industry. How can the US market benefit from the positive trends while ensuring it avoids the pitfalls? […]

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    Join us on November 2nd at Unbundling Uncovered..

    Defining Best Practice In Research Procurement See the full agenda here 300 of you joined us in November 2016 for a day of high quality debate and analysis. With weeks to go before the MiFID II deadline, Unbundling Uncovered 2017 will identify where are you ahead (or behind!) in your preparations, and ensure that your implementation […]

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    6 Key Takeaways from our Research Unbundling Poll

    On November 3rd we were lucky enough to have over 250 buy and sell side people in a room that have to make MiFID II research unbundling rules work in practice. Naturally we couldn’t resist picking their brains, and some of the messages were quite surprising. Our thanks to the team at ResearchCentral for making their excellent […]

  4. Substantive Research

    FICC Research: Our Panel’s 7 Key Takeaways

    Fixed income research has been the poor cousin in the MIFID2 unbundling consultation/legislative process. To date almost all the attention has been paid to equity research and how the new rules will apply. At our Unbundling Uncovered event on November 3, we discussed this subject in great detail with our panel of experts, from both […]

  5. 5 Key Takeaways from Unbundling Uncovered ‘16:

    Increased Attendance: Up to 280 from 210 last year, the conference program was expanded to a full day of six panels from last year’s four. Attendance stayed strong all day with almost 200 present for the final panel covering the detail of RPA Best Practice! Greater engagement and participation: Whilst the range of buyside and […]

  6. Substantive Research

    What You Need to Know About Research Market Regulatory Change

    New regulations covering research procurement (taking effect on Jan. 3 2018) will change how portfolio managers and buyside analysts in Europe can access, share and value external research. Therefore we thought we’d shine some light on why your operational colleagues look so stressed and why they want you to make some tough decisions ahead about […]

  7. Substantive Research

    Client Fairness – the dealbreaker for RPAs?

    In our consultations with over 50 buyside firms since May this year it is clear that the stigma associated with continuing to charge end investors for research is dissipating. Both the AMF and the FCA consultation papers legitimised the use of CSAs. Whilst the FCA have added new controls and procedures it is clear that […]

  8. Substantive Research

    How Unbundling is Changing the Research Business (video)

    In association with WeConvene, we explore how unbundling regulations are changing the research business.

  9. Credit and macro research amid regulatory change (video)

    How will research unbundling impacting credit markets and research coverage Substantive Research interviews leading executive from credit research firm, CreditSights on how research unbundling will impact the business of credit research.

  10. Unbundling Uncovered – Key takeaways from our recent event

    A big thank you to sponsors, speakers and over 200 of you who joined us at Unbundling Uncovered! Our key takeaways..