Remember 2011 stock investors?

Jeff Marcus from Turning Point Analytics has brought together much of his recent technical analysis on equity and commodity and FX markets into one note, that encapsulates the broad bearish trend in markets currently. Now’s an opportune to time to reassess the market, after the sizable sell off in August and then a continuing volatile period, to see which direction the next leg might be headed. For equities, Marcus has found that market price action shows similar characteristics to 1987 and 2011, where declines were characterized by a sharp decline, 2-3 months of volatility and then one final steep decline before prices move higher. Of course 87 and 11 weren’t identical, and Marcus predicts that 2015 will most resemble that of 2011. As for commodities, there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel. The downtrend needs to be broken, or declines must end, and then show some type of consolidation or bottoming. That is simply not happening yet. Can a weaker dollar help pull commodities out of that? Even though the Dollar Index broke an 8-month uptrend in April and has been making lower highs since March, Marcus doesn’t reckon this will alter the trajectory of Commodities in the long term. Click on the link below to request the full report that includes an extensive range of charts.